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Aug 24, 2003
    Hey guys,

    I am an American born radiologist who is considering joining the Nighthawk radiology group working out of Sydney. The reasons for this are many, but a big reason is my desire to travel and experience many different parts of the world why still young.

    They pay well and I would have a confortable salary in US $$.

    My question is how is the quality of life in Australia, and specifically Sydney for foreigners who work there? Plus, I am not Anglo, but rather from the Indian subcontinent ethnically... how diverse and accepting a place is it? Is there racism against non-Anglo?

    How is it in terms of raising kids? I can't imagine it could be worse that the depraved US society currently.



      Sydney is a beautiful city, and offers a great lifestyle. The weather is fantastic and the crime rates are low. Australia has a very multicultural society, (the product of decades of immigration) and is generally becoming a more and more tolerant and accepting community.

      Having said that, I am Australian (Anglo) and may not be in the best position to comment on racism since it wouldnt be directed at me. I guess there is likely to be some subtle racism unforunately, (it seems far easier to get rid of the overt discriminatory type of racism). Also racism is much more likely to be experienced in smaller, out of the way places, rather than the melting pot of Sydeny.

      Sydney is a great place, the main disadvantage for most people is that it sprawls a LONG way, and since real estate is expensive many people live a long way out. As a radiologist though, you'll be able to live in a central place that allows you to enjoy Sydney's highlights.

      I'm sure you'll enjoy your move :)
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        RADRULES said:
        What about kids? Do most go to Aussie schools or international schools?

        Do most people in the city live in condos or homes?

        Most people probably live in houses, but there are plenty of apartments for those who want a low maintenance lifestyle. The closer to the centre of the city, the more apartments. I dont know Sydney that well but from what I've seen I quite like manly as a suburb. Try this link to check out real estate

        Sorry, don't know about schools - particularly for internationals planning on heading home some day.


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        Nov 4, 2004
          Sorry, don't know about schools - particularly for internationals planning on heading home some day.[/QUOTE]

          Do you mean universities or primary and secondary schools?

          I attended school in Australia until i was 15 or so (middle of year 9), and I had no problems at all making the transition to a US high school. In fact I think I was ahead of the game (of course i had a bit of catching up to do in history). I went to a private catholic school while in australia though, i'm not sure how much of a difference that makes.


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          Jul 21, 2003
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            The quality of schooling in Australia is good- you could send your kids to either a good public school or a private school. because we speak English the need for an international school is lessened (to be honest I don't even know if there is one in Sydney...)
            Cost of living in Sydney is less than big US cities like New York or San Fran but more than some smaller cities (it's about the top 30 most expensive place to live in the world I think.)
            But we have great weather, friendly people, quite a large Indian community (there is probably some racism but no more than the US I would say), and there should be reasonable employment opportunities for your spouse if they want... Hope this helps.


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            Mar 19, 2004
              having lived in Sydney for quite a few years, I think overall it is a safe, reasonable place to live.
              schooling like others have pointed out is whether private vs public and it is not any worse than the US system. kids get to wear uniforms everyday, and most of them travel by subway/train which is the main mode of transport in Sydney.

              living again, you could easily live in a house say about 30 mins driving distance from the city. rent is variable depending on the area. north Sydney being the most expensive.

              Racism, mainly depends on the local area, many parts of Sydney becoming more and more multicultural. One thing you will not miss, you get all kinds of restaurants movies and the weather, it is just unbelievably fantastic throughout the year..
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