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Apr 11, 2004
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I was wondering if there is an average amount of time it takes to pay back loans. I realize there are many factors to consider such as the amount you borrowed, what type of dentist you are (general dentist vs. specialist), where you live etc. If they are any stats or info anyone is aware of, can you please direct me to it.

I have been accepted to UPenn & would really love to attend. However, I also have been accepted to the University of Toronto which is approx $ 150 000 cheaper (after 4 years). I would like to specialize (may change after four years) & Upenn seems to be a good place to be for an individual considering a career in postgraduate dentistry. If anyone is aware of any loan agencies available for Canadian students (other than CanHELP), I would appreciate their input.

I think this site is great, I wish I knew about it earlier!!!
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