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Jun 3, 2014
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Hi everyone,

I am applying for dental school this cycle and though I thought everything was in order there have been some things that have come up.

Since I am applying using individual letters of evaluation, I need two science instructors and one dentist. Two of the evaluators match the criteria, but there is ambiguity with one of the science instructors. One of my evaluators is part of the physiology department at my school and I have been involved in his lab for 2 years, which is mainly focused on kinesiology. Although I have not taken a lecture course with him, I have done an independent study for credit and a grade under him. The independent study has the identification of a physiology course. However, my project focused on finding a statistical relationship between goal setting and athletic performance. Would this count more as statistics or sports psychology? And would this be considered 'other science' or 'non-science'? Moreover, would my evaluator count as a 'science instructor'?

I have another professor who can write my letter for me, but it wouldn't be as high in quality since I haven't worked with this other professor as long. Although I could just submit 4 letters to cover my bases, I don't know if the admissions committees would even read through all of them. I would prefer to have 3 high quality letters rather than any of the other combinations.

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