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Feb 7, 2007
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this forum keeps me laughing sometimes.....path one, i have had many years of clinical experience, thank you


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Mar 3, 2006
Somewhere in the Colon (Any rotation)
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hey path one, you need to get your facts straight....i have had plenty of patient contact with patients, i was an RN for 5 years before med school.......so go ahead and give me a warning, ill really lose alot of sleep over it tonight.
I've had over 20 years of patient experience, (18 as an RN) and I'll tell ya that has helped little so far through Basic science, now Physical Diagnosis yeah It's helped some and I'm sure Blood draws/ IV's/ ABG's / Foleys/ NG tubes/ PICC line placement/ A lines/ ICP Bolts/ Dressings/ among other things will be easy for me but there are still so much to learn.........................................................
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