Long term step 1 studying tools question

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May 28, 2017
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Hello! I am an MS1 that just recently began. I had a question about long term resources to use in tandem with studying for my school's curriculum. Well, there were two resources I was questioning - anki and firecracker. Prior to starting, I had the intention of using Zanki/AnKing and unsuspending cards related to what I learn. Anki was what I used to study for the MCAT after all, so I thought this would be a great idea.

However, my class was given a firecracker subscription that is sort of "integrated" with our curriculum. It's not exactly integrated, but it spaces out USMLE content so that subjects appear in the same weeks we cover that subject in lecture. Of course, the curriculum and USMLE prep content don't completely align, so sometimes things show up on firecracker that I haven't learned yet.

That's some backstory as to why I was considering these two resources, but now here is my question: which would be best to utilize alongside studying for my school exams? They both make use of spaced repetition from what I understand. It would take too much time and effort to do both anking cards and firecracker content daily. I have not heard of firecracker prior to starting school, but with very shallow research online, it seems to be a valuable resource. Moreover, it would seem like a no-brainer to solely use firecracker as it is aligned with our curriculum. Conversely, I've seen Zanki boasted multiple times online and have my own experience with Anki with the MCAT, so I already know how to utilize Anki get the most out of it.

I'm aware that there are other resources to use to study, but I believe those are more to be used during dedicated (B&B, uworld)? I'm not too sure, I don't know too much about USMLE since I just started. Any clarification/advice would be helpful.

Thank you!

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