(Looking for Advice) Dropping Psychiatry Away Rotation?



Hey everyone,

I'm looking to pick your brains for advice on my situation - I'm currently scheduled for the next three months to have away rotations in Psychiatry. I'm looking to drop my middle one in October to take my USMLE/COMLEX + PE and replace it with our school's allowed 'break' time. My questions are:

(1) How important are psychiatry away rotations. It's my #3 choice, I would still be going to my #1 and #2.
(2) How bad does it look to drop an away rotation about a month away? Any advice on handling this? My school is okay with it, but I will need to contact the site.
(3) Is taking the USMLE/COMLEX Level II in mid October too late (currently scheduled late September?)

Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you.


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Mar 13, 2013
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1. Not very, only a small portion of applicants can do a sub-I with any particular program.
2. It isn't great, but often there isn't much communication between the clerkship directors and the Program directors at this level of detail.
3. Of course it would be best to have step II in your application, but if you do tell programs that your scores are in before rank lists go in, it will be fine with the places you interviewed at.


Thank you very much!
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