Mar 1, 2010
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First and foremost, Congrats to all of those who matched and scrambled into the PMR programs of their choice.

That being said, let me get down to the long and short of it. I am A U.SCitizen FMG and i want PM&R to be my gig. I didnt apply to any PMR programs this year, seeing as though im yet to be certified(May) and was a little late taking my Ck and CS. My scores arent stellar but they arent bad either (210-215 1st attempt Pass) on both exams. I have 6 months USclinical experience and a couple of US LORs from ENTs and General surgeons. Now, with all that in mind, i know its too late to get an elective rotation,seeing that i graduate in a month, and getting observerships and research is probably my best angle. So does anyone have any insight as to how i should play out the next few months till Sept. someone told me taking step3 isnt a bad option either.
Does anyone know any programs that are actively looking for researchers or are observer friendly? Im ready to do either ASAP.



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Jan 23, 2009
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I am looking for PM&R research opportunities as well!!


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Dec 5, 2005
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I am looking for research/observership or anything that I can maintain my skills in Chicago. I finished a PGY1 in IM.
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