LOR Question

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Jun 15, 2022
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Hey there everyone!

So I already submitted my AACOMAS application a while ago, have submitted secondaries last month, and am complete for a lot of my applications (meaning I have received complete emails from schools). However, I just received another LOR from a science faculty (not that it was required for the schools I applied to because I am a non-trad student), but it's good to have under my belt anyways. It is being uploaded to AACOMAS today, but does anyone know if I need to individually contact schools and let them know that I have another letter submitted even though my application was already marked as complete and under review for a lot of these schools? Or do I just submit it and upload it to AACOMAS and hope that the school's have an automatic system of uploading new letters?

I hope that makes sense. If there needs to be any further clarification please let me know and thank you for the advice in advance!


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