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Dec 12, 2008
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So as if the numbers have not been reiterated enough: There is a maximum of $8500 in subsidized Stafford and $40500 in total Stafford (usually $8500 sub and $32000 unsub).

But in what real-life situations do you lose your subsidized loan capability? Has anyone personally lost this? I am under the assumption that as long as COA-EFC > $8500 you get the full subsidized loan capability.

I plan on getting married in the summer between MS1 and MS2. I cannot foresee my wife making a whole lot in this bad job market [but she definitely is qualified :)]. But her income will be factored into my FAFSA for MS3 and MS4. Using a federal tax estimate and a EFC estimator:

$60k salary = $43k taxable income = $23k EFC

The lowest COA of my acceptances is $40k (and surely is going to rise). So the lowest amount of Stafford I could expect if my wife was bringing in the big bucks of a 60k salary would be 40k - 23k = 17k. Which would be $8500 subsidized and the rest $8500 would be unsubsidized. Right?


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Mar 11, 2005
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You can have the entire amount of unsub Staffords (up to the COA) regardless of your EFC. Not to worry; it sounds like you'll get the full amount of sub and as much unsub as you need.

PS. But -- obviously -- if you can limit your borrowing by living on what your wife makes and maybe even throwing some of her income at tuition, that would be best. We've managed to live on my husband's income and my debt at graduation will be < $50K, all sub (I got some Perkins in addition to sub Staffords). Needless to say, our scrimping these past years has been well worth the effort. You're in a great position, having someone earning an income in your household.


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Jun 12, 2006
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You were right about the CoA-EFC calculation. However, you'll be fine. You'll get the full $8500 sub. Then you'll get the rest in unsub. Remember that your max stafford is $40,500. So if you take out the full 40,500 in staffords you would have 8500 sub and 32000 in unsub.
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