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Jan 20, 2009
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Thought I'd start this and see where we end up. I was notified via their online status check system. Interviewed on Feb 7 and notified Feb 12. I still have a couple of interviews left but I'm an Arkansas contract student with LSU so the tuition is a deciding factor for me. Geaux Tigers. :D

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I interviewed at LSU Feb. 7 as well and heard through the online check status Feb. 13!!! LSU is my #1 choice because LSU SVM is where my wife will be graduating from May 11th, and since I am still an Arkansas resident and have a contract seat with LSU, the cost is nice!!!! CONGRATS TO ALL WHO POST HERE....See you in AUGUST!!!!!

CR165583----Let me know if you have any questions about the area, I have been here for four years.
Congratulations. You might be able to help me. I'm relatively familiar with the area but not the intricate ongoings. Do you know if there's any contact lists within the school for students looking for roomates or housing opportunities? I'm also considering towing my camper down and staying in a park if I could find anything that might accomodate that. Any suggestions?
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Hey guys...just wanted to say Congrats from another Arkansas resident. LSU's a great school...good luck!
Hey I'm OOS (VA) and got accepted at LSU. I am about 95% sure that LSU is where I am going to go. However, my dad thinks that I should wait to hear from other schools before casting the final vote! I'm sure i will be meeting everyone at orientation! Geaux Tigers!!
Hope to see you all there in the fall!
Vetx2 is your name Eli???? I believe I know you! I'm Elizabeth Brown's sister!! CONGRATS!!!! I'm still waiting to hear!!
Yup!!!!Thats me, Eli Landry!!! Hope you hear good news too. Let me know.
Out of curiosity, do any of you know of good places to look for roomates?
I am now officially a member of the class of 2013!!!! Apparently 3RD times a charm!!!! AHHH!!! :banana:
I got in on my first try and I could NOT believe it!!!! I am sooooo excited to meet everyone! AR resident...I wonder if we all met on interview day! see you guys in a few short months!!! (or a long 6ish?)
Hey, LSU acceptee's: anyone on facebook?

My info...look me up....Eli Landry
I'm an out of state alternate and waiting to see if and when I'll be offered a position at LSU. For now at least I'm thinking about something else. My Tennessee interview. Here's to hoping one of them accept me and congratulations on anyone who go in already!
Hey, is anyone else having trouble getting to the website to check our status? I have in bookmarked and when I click it to go there, it comes up with a page cannot be found instead.
Nope. I just checked today and I was able to get in fine. Sometimes bookmarked pages don't work as well so I'd just try and go to the main LSU page and re find the page and try and get in that way ... I've had that problem with bookmarking pages before ...
Hey, is anyone else having trouble getting to the website to check our status? I have in bookmarked and when I click it to go there, it comes up with a page cannot be found instead.

Make sure the page you bookmarked isn't the supplemental application page. I had that page bookmarked and they took it down. Just go to http://www.vetmed.lsu.edu/admissions/ and you should be fine :)
Thanks so much, it worked with your website! :)
I'm a new member in the forum!! I got into LSU a few weeks ago and I am INCREDIBLY excited!!! Anyone from LSU who has any advise for housing near school? I'm looking for a place which accepts pets since I'll be moving with my dog..
Congrats to everyone on this great accomplishment!!

See ya in August!!!