Mar 16, 2010
Hey everyone, I'd love for some feedback :)

I'm 4th year University of Washington (OOS) student. Just wrapped up my BS so I don't expect my GPA to rise any higher or lower. Oh and I'm a resident of Oregon. My majors in Physiology (BS), minor in greek history.

Here's my breakdown:
Accum. GPA: 3.59
Science GPA: 3.5
BCPM GPA: 3.54

MCAT score: 35

Volunteered 4 years at local hospital doing escort services. 400+ hours total

Certified in EMT-1, and BLS/CPR instructor. So I did clinical services where I followed paramedics around in the ambulances for several 12-hour shifts. Sadly didn't get to drive =( I was also placed in a Level 1 ER where I did several 8-hour shifts. In both of these clinical services, I was allowed to aid in caring for the patients ie. taking vitals and performing CPR due to my certifications. Also allowed me to talk to a few doctors and nurses.

Went on a Vietnam medical mission in summer 2009. 2 week long trip where we did 5 clinic days treating over 700 locals. The trip was hosted by a student group founded that same school year and everything was planned and executed by my fellow students and I. We fundraised money through auction dinners, and went around Seattle to health clinics to donate medicine samples medicine samples. Further the doctors were recruited by the students. Trip itself is typical: Gather patient health background, triage, shadow doctors, dispense medicine. Continuing to work with group this year in fundraising and planning next trip. But will not participate in actual mission.

Shadowed several doctors: Family doctor, neurosurgeon, radiologist, opthalmologist, and orthopedist. Combined for over 150 hours and saw many procedures or surgeries. Dad is also a family doctor serving Viet population primarily. I've heard rumors that kids of doctors sometimes have harder times getting into med school because they are only going into medicine since their parents were in medicine. Any thoughts on this?

Research wise, there were two labs where I spent my time. Through senior year HS, I did research in the blood brain barrier program at OHSU (school is my #1 choice) for one year dealing with chemotherapeutic chemicals and cancer cells. Presented at a symposium. Moved onto college (in another state) so didn't have enough data to publish. Did another rotation of research at the UW. Average 15 hrs/week. Worked with human embryonic stem cells this time, and with cancer cells attempting to induce stem cell character. Lab ran out of funding thus I got axed before we could find anything substantial to publish.

Worked for last 3 years as tutor in math and chem at tutoring center on campus. Average 15 hours/week.

Volunteer at local food bank for last year. 80+ hours.

Actively participated in cultural student group on campus (Vietnamese student assoc.). Elected treasurer for 08/09 year. Also a planning staff member for the national version of the group (union of north america VSA) for 08/09 year. Worked in several committees to plan and execute annual leadership conference hosted in Atlanta. Returned as staff for this year's conference.

Whew that was a lot of words. How do my chances look for a top 50 MD school? My #1 choice for school is OHSU, but haven't looked into too many other options yet. I've been lurking on these forums for some time, and the numbers everyone is tossing out for a competitive app to UC schools is almost frightening. Also, my GPA took a big blow during my 3rd year from 3.6 to 3.5, since i was taking on average 2-3 science courses as a full time student while working 15hrs/week, researching 15hrs/week, doing food bank, working as officer for cultural group and the planning staff for national conference, and finally getting the medical mission group off the ground +going on it. It wasn't too smart on my part to give myself such a heavy EC load while taking a heavy science load. I hope they see this and understand =/

Thanks everyone! I look forward to some 2cents


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I also foresee an acceptance.


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You have a great MCAT and superior ECs.....and a slightly low GPA.

I think top schools may be a reach....I would still give some a shot...but apply early and broad and instate and you should be a MD.
This was pretty much exactly what I was going to say. Great job on your MCAT, and your ECs make me go :eek:. :thumbup: