LOW GPA/HIGH DAT School List Help!

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Dec 17, 2014
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Hello! I just finished my sophomore year (3-year accelerated pre-dentistry program) and will be applying this cycle. I've compiled a list of schools based on a few posts and the stats listed in the ADEA official guide. Any suggestions regarding my current list would be wonderful. :)

Residency: California
Major: Biology
sGPA: 2.8-2.9
cGPA: 3.1-3.2
DAT: 23AA/23TS/24PAT
Shadowing: 100 hours by end of summer
EC: President of hepatitis B outreach chapter, paid tutoring, dental assistant for 100 hours at low income dental clinic

School List (25):
A.T. Still
Midwestern - IL
U of New England
Midwestern - AZ
Boston U
Case Western
Detroit Mercy

Deciding on:
Nova (read that it was "easier", but mean GPA last year was a high 3.6sGPA/3.7cGPA)
Indiana (low OOS stats of 28/104)

I tried to look for any and all schools with a low minimum GPA ( based off of ADEA 2015) and fair OOS acceptances. I know my GPA is ridiculously low, but I am hoping I will receive any interviews at all with my DAT. ): I am planning to apply to about ~25 schools. Any insight would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

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A lot of your schools are not OOS friendly, Rutgers, Missouri--if Kansas City is only OOS friendly for neighboring states. I'm surprised they let you stay in the accelerated program, typically they have a minimum GPA requirement, 3.5 or so. If I were you I would go an extra year and boost your GPA, but if you have the funds to apply now and are ok if you have to apply again next year, then do so. Your DAT scores should get some notice but my first thought seeing those with your GPA would be "how much goofing off did you do" :D.

Also, you need to get your shadow hours in before you apply and with your GPA, I'd get those hours done in the next 2 weeks and apply by the end of June/early July.
Thanks for the response! I'll be trying for this cycle anyway because I've heard of miracle stories, but my plan would be to try my best to get those A's next year regardless of whether I get admitted. I will check to see the number of CA residents enrolled per school again, but besides Rutgers and Missouri, which other schools might you consider OOS unfriendly? Thanks. :)
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Temple's GPA will be a reach, to be honest. Indiana is fine I think, they accept wide range, so who say there will be no miracle.
OHSU like high DAT, but not sure about GPA. The rest should be fine, but if you need to narrow down, will try to help you later :D.
Good luck! Kill them!!!!:rage:
I think I remember Temple had a GPA cutoff of 3.0 or something when I applied. So I'd look into that if I was you.

Good luck!
Technically, I think Pitt has like a 3.2 cutoff but idk how enforced it is.
According to the ADEA 2015 guide, Temple's GPA average of 3.41/3.50 (sGPA/cGPA) was quite high, but the minimum was 2.65/2.91. If the minimum were both above 3.0, then I would seriously consider leaving it out. Minimum for Pitt was 2.88/2.99 for last year.

Still in need of narrowing the list down if possible! I don't think I left out very many schools, but please do let me know if I forgot to mention a school that may seem like a good fit. Thanks to all the previous posters.
We are allowed to add more schools even after submitting the application right?
Good thing about MWU IL is that they only look at the BCP and overall GPA instead of science.