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Discussion in 'Pathology' started by art76, Apr 2, 2004.

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    I am an IMG from india with a step 1 and 2 scores of 90 and 77 respectively. The Step 2 was a disaster because i absolutely didnt study for it. I can't do anything to change my scores in step 2 but I am planning to take my Step 3 in 3 months from now. Although I know that programs just look at a pass or fail status on a Step 3, is it possible that getting a good score on the Step 3 would somehow make up for the Step 2 fiasco? I applied to pathology this year round but didnt match anywhere. Will be applying again for pathology next year. Any suggestions on what further I can do to strengthen my application?
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    Well, if you didn't match this year with passing board scores, I think you need to do something during this year to improve your application other than just studying for step 3. Programs will want to know what you did with your extra year to help improve your application or increase your exposure to the field. Whether this is clinical experience at a program you are interested in or research it can't hurt. It's not all only about board scores.

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