Low Tier Cards Fellowship Chances to Match to IC?

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Oct 23, 2015
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Just matched to a gen cards fellowship at a low tier university program with no in house IC fellowship. What should I do to maximize my chances in matching at an advanced fellowship? Will it be a lot harder in my situation to match?

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Not always a correlation with getting into IC fellowship. The program may not have an IC fellowship but have relevant contacts. You need to look at the historical ability of fellows in that institution to match into IC. And at this point, you have already matched and there is nothing you can do beyond going there with right attitude and working very hard and everything falls in place
IC is going to be a ERAS match next year which will take away some (not all) of the advantages you might have coming from a gen card program with in house IC fellowship.

Like above pointed out, there’s nothing you can do now to mitigate. Just got work hard and do your best. If you are a decent candidate you will find a spot somewhere just might not be THE spot. A few programs had open spot last cycle like Jefferson in Philly. You will be fine.
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Thank you. It sounds like IC is not as challenging as gen cards to match.
Fellowship tier May play a role but there are more factors that go into an IC spot
Connections play a role as do demographics