Lower score on actual MCAT than first FL diagnostic?

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Feb 1, 2024
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I just took my first timed full-length AAMC without preparation and scored a 508. I only need a 510 to be at my target school's average. I've read of people scoring lower than their FLs due to anxiety, but it seems most people take these at the end of their content review. Do most people improve from their first diagnostic to the real deal? Is there an estimated percentage?

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I wouldn't say most people (the people who you hear saying that are more likely to post since they're happier with their scores) but I was on track for a 515-516 in my FLs and scored a 522 on the actual. n=1 though and people's scores definitely can drop due to unforseen stressful circumstances leading up to test day.
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You will amost certainly do better, yes. You still need to study though because this test is a beast, and the amount of material on it is such that you could have just gotten lucky on this one.

Also, I hear a lot of people talk about high-yield vs low yield- other than being able to draw the amino acids from memory (super high yield), I'd just know as much as possible. That phrasing is more useful in medical school because the scope of memorizable info is truly mind-boggling
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