Nov 22, 2013
So I was thinking of Texas A&M for MSTP.

While I would like to go to a UTSW, Baylor, or UT Austin (I hear they're starting an MSTP program), realistically, I think as a Texas resident I might settle for a lower tier school considering those schools are competitive. I'll try my best obviously, but I'm looking at different Texas schools (I'm also looking out of state, but I'm trying to stay in Texas for personal reasons).

Texas A&M is tier-one school with respect to engineering, and most STEM disciplines (one of the top engineering schools in the US, they have a nuclear particle collider on site for nuclear engineering and physics, are heavily involved in biotech for plants, very heavily involved in vet science, they get a lot of funding for research, and apparently football is helping them get money that the school will use for academics).

Within the state of Texas, A&M isn't revered for its medical school, however, I was wondering if it was reputable and a good call?

How competitive is it to get in with respect to the other schools?


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Oct 10, 2007
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It is still competitive as they only have 2-3 slots per year and they typically have about 90 applicants. However, state of residence is not considered for MD/PhD programs. The UT system MD/PhD programs (UT HSC Houston, UT HSC San Antonio, UT Medical Branch (Galveston or Austin) and UT-Southwestern) have many more slots per year. At least 5 positions per year and UTSW has classes of 7-13.