Loyola MAMS vs University of Cincinnati SMP?

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Dec 13, 2022
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So I got accepted to both Loyola MAMS and UC SMP.
I was wondering the pros and cons of each schools and need help in choosing one.

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I have no personal experience in either but I know four people who went to the Loyola MAMS and are not in medical school right now two years post and one who is. Though they all are trying to steal pursue medicine while my advisor personally said she loves UC's SMP because of the amount of personal applicants she saw go there and end up in medical school and how well they worked with students. Sorry to not be of more help but. UC is super good with instate Ohio admissions so if you want to go out of state after that might not be the best option. Loyola is crazy expensive and everyone in Chicago makes fun of it as being both low tier and expensive while UC is better regarded in Ohio than Loyola is in Illinois.
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