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1. What do you consider a valuable experience in your personal development? This might be a decision you have made, an achievement of which you are particularly proud, or a person who has influenced your life. (25 lines)

2. Describe briefly how you have dealt with a personal or academic problem you have encountered. (25 lines)

3. How did you reach your decision to enter medicine? Describe your participation in any health care or other activities which reinforced your decision. (25 lines)

4. What self-education, research, or independent scholastic work have you undertaken and what do you feel you have accomplished in this work? (25 lines)

5. If you will not be enrolled as a full-time student during the current academic year, please explain what you will be doing prior to your planned matriculation into medical school. (25 lines)

6. Please use this space to bring the information contained on your AMCAS application up-to-date. Indicate grades earned, alterations in your proposed course work or graduation date, address changes, additions to your list of activities, and anything else you feel we should know. (25 lines)
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