LPR with foreign degree question

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Jun 13, 2020
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Hi everyone,

Bit of background: I'm a US permanent resident and have finished my Bachelors in PolSci in the UK last year. My final grade was a 1st class at around 70% which should convert fairly highly to a GPA. Since then I've been teaching to save up money to move back to the US and start a postbacc. I don't have any prerequisites so will need a postbacc programme and am wondering how likely I would be to be accepted into one.

I've been volunteering in a hospital. I also have about the same amount of time volunteering for a charity that works with children with special educational to secure assistance from their schools.

Would a program like JHU, BM, etc be a reasonable match based on the above? And if not, what would you suggest I apply to / do to up my chances.

Thanks in advance!


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Mar 30, 2014
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If you’re looking for highly regarded programs for career changers, contact Goucher, Scripps, and Bryan Mawr to see how they would evaluate a degree from the UK. Bear in mind that these programs cost $40k+ and accept a small number of applicants, but they are well regarded and you can finish your prereqs in one year. There are other postbac programs that have linkages, and others that don’t, that are much more affordable but may take longer to complete.