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Manual dexterity

Discussion in 'Pre-Dental' started by asahameed, Feb 3, 2001.

  1. asahameed

    asahameed Junior Member

    Feb 1, 2001
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    Hi I am currently in the process of preparing for interviews for tufts and case western and maybe Boston U. Well my questions is does anyone know of any skills that will for sure show the interviewer that one possess manual dexterity? Also I need some info on tufts and BU just to prepare well for the interview. usually when do they mail in the reply of a yes or a no for acceptance...Thanks
  2. Dr. Pedo

    Dr. Pedo Senior Member
    10+ Year Member

    Jan 14, 2001
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    Well some of my friends and I had the same question a year ago. We found out that building/painting model airplanes or cars----- Crocheting/Knitting (we had a blast trying to learn this. IT definitely takes coordination and manual dexterity.) One of the gal's I know used her ability to type. (I think she was able to type between 60-70 wpm?) The ability to play the guitar is another demonstation of man. dex. I sure others have diff. ideas-----but the main point is to make sure you have time to actually learn them and be PROFICIENT. It would be disastrous to say you know how to play for e.g. the guitar (but you weren't really proficient) and it turns out your interviewer use to play guitar in a band [​IMG]That would be a sticky situation if he decided to delve into the subject. Beware!!!
  3. asahameed:

    I notice you're from TO, so did you take the Canadian DAT or the US DAT?
    If you took the Canadian DAT, then you can explain your soap carving score on why you did well and back it up with anything you perform well like Dr2b mentioned.
    If you did not do well on the manual dexterity component of the exam, then tell them it was not indicative of your ability and tell them about your abilities. I didn't do to well on the soap carving and had to back it up by saying I was involved in carpentry and play sports like volleyball needing excellent hand-eye coordination and skill.

    The interviews at Tufts and Bu are both really laid back. Just do some background checks on their websites or catalogues and see what they advertise as their strengths you'll get a good idea about each school before your tour and interview. Just relax and be able to answer any queations about weaknesses on your DAT scores, transcripts, or anything else. Be able to answer the basic questions like why you want to be a dentist?...your strengths and weaknesses?...leadership skills?...problem solving ability?...time management?...etc.

    BU may tell you right away if you're accepted or not and will send you a letter in a week or so.
    Tufts will notify you'll get a letter within 10days...don't worry, the adm. committee people said that about 80% of the students interviewed at Tufts will be accepted.

    Good luck!

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