Marylaaand Class of 2011!!!

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May 8, 2005
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maryland here I come!

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Anyone get their status at MD just updated on AADSAS to "Invited for Interview"? Before today it was blank, I already interviewed at MD.

Am I correct in assuming that I've been put on hold (vs. getting updated as "Offer Made")?
how did u get notified?
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I got the "invited for interview" thing too. I guess that means that's as far as we get for now...
Maria, does your AADSAS say "Offer Made"?
i got "invited for interview" on my aadsas also, even though i attended that "special recruitment"a few weeks ago.
Yea, I'm in-state too. I guess my DAT score of 18/19/17 just isn't good enough for them...
I'm still waiting for an interview.... Come on, Maryland!! You can't deny me!!
Did you go to the recruitment day or did you have a formal interview?

I did have a formal interview, but im also in-state for maryland so thats probably why i got in this early.
Just sit tight, im sure yours is coming. I had two friends who did the recruitment thing last year and they are finishing up their first semester right now.
is this your top choice?