Masters in Biomedical Science or a Masters in Public Health?

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Feb 12, 2021
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Which masters program would be the most beneficial?

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Is this for academic enhancement or personal interest? MPHs are not very useful for demonstrating ability to handle rigorous medical coursework. MBS programs (if formally affiliated with a host medical school) are usually considered Special Masters Programs (SMPs). These programs are modeled after med school curriculum and can be very beneficial to enhancing your record. That said, they are very difficult and typically very expensive, a high risk/high payoff option. A third option is to do a post-bacc to improve your cumulative undergrad record. These are typically cheaper and less risky, but may not have great payoff.
Which masters program would be the most beneficial?
MS in Biomedical Science. MPH's add very little to an app because of the perceived lack of rigor in the courses, See you ace Anatomy and Physiology tell me more than if you ace Women's Health in the Third World or Nutritional Deficits in Americans.

Just make sure the the MBS program is a SMP, not a research MS
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