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Feb 7, 2007
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Just wondering if anyone can give me some answers about whether I can get in with my stats, and what I need to do to improve my chances. I have a 241 step 1, above average grades with some honors, no research, no AOA. Should I take Step2 before match? Should I try to fit in some research? How important are away rotations? Thanks.

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Of the things you mention, I would say the most important item - by far - is doing very well on away rotations and getting letters from them. That is where you get to show them what kind of work ethic you have, which is very important in neurosurgery.

I can't really comment on the research aspect since I really didn't have much, but still matched very well.

Best wishes.
your step 1 is fine. i would definitely work your ass off on your away rotations and try to get some clinical research under your belt. buffing up your application in every way possible will never hurt you.
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