Matching at a specific program

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Jun 16, 2002
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Question about matching in a specific place?.

I'm interested in ENT, and although I?m still a year away from the application process, I?ve been thinking a lot about the match. While I know matching anywhere in ENT is what anyone generally aims for, I am particularly keen on a certain program - as I think it has one of the best mixes of academics/research time/load in addition to being in a great place (Oregon), which would be good for my family over the next 5+ years.

My question is, how hard is it to match at a specific place? I hear that many people match in their top 2-3 choices, but are these 2-3 from those they interviewed at or from the initial applications?

With many places interviewing 20-30 people per slot, I can imagine that isolating one particular place is going to be extremely difficult, but I'm interested in other peoples experiences.

Additionally, I wonder if it would be too forward to tell the program how keen you are on them? Any thoughts?


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Hello! I am a third year also one year out from the ENT match. I too am specifically very interested in 1 program but of course will be happy to get in anywhere. I think your best bet of figuring out your chances is to try and find out the average profile of the residents at that program and then compare yourself -- then in this last year make damn sure you look better then them in any way possible.

I would advise an away rotation and when you go to shine. Don't go just to go through the can only hurt yourself. You have to make yourself look even better than you do on paper.

Finally, I would think it is appropriate to make that program very aware of how important it is to you to match there.
I'd agree. If you are dying to go somewhere, and manage not to step on anyones toes while you are there, then all the better.
Just remember every day to knock yourself out!! Read tons, follow stuff up, and just really every day remind yourself that you need to be better than perfect. If you keep yourself Psyked up, you'll be able to shine every day.

Definitely tell everyone that you would like to attend that program. Make it well known!