MCAT examkracker for Verbal

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Jan 27, 2007
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I wonder if anyone knows if the MCAT exam kracker for the verbal reasoning can help you on the pCAT reading portion? Thanks guys


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Jan 14, 2007
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Wow, I just posted a suggestion to someone else to use that book.:)

I think the style that Examkrackers uses in that book was close enough to the PCAT. However, most MCAT verbal passages in a prep guide and the real MCAT were noticeably more difficult than their PCAT counterparts in my experiences. Still, I think the format is close enough for the PCAT and the difficulty isn't too much higher on the MCAT.

To give you a vague idea of how much more difficult the MCAT verbal reasoning is, I earned a 7 and 9 on the two MCAT's I've taken (out of 15). A 9 is mediocre for most M.D. medical schools except for in-state schools who are just slightly more lenient. On the PCAT, I scored on the 94th percentile for Reading Comprehension.:D

Overall, I think the book will help for practice, but don't get down if you score poorly on those practice tests.