How to be a competitive applicant and how to prepare for chemistry PCAT?

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May 13, 2021
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I worked as a medical assistant for 2 years, currently a pharmacy tech and historian in the pre-pharmacy club at my university.
My current overall GPA is a 3.4
I take the PCAT in September and I still haven’t taken organic chemistry yet. Any tips on how to prepare for the chemistry portion of the PCAT? I’m aiming for the 80th-90th percentile!
Thanks :)

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I purchased the Kaplan book, Pearson study guide, three of the Pearson practice tests, and dr Collins. I have a pretty strong bio background but as far as chemistry goes, I’m struggling.
If the PCAT is indeed still required (many programs transferred to "optional" or "no longer required"), then it would not be wise to take the PCAT without any experience in Organic Chem. Nonetheless, the materials you listed are the best resources you can have - utilize Pearson / Kaplan as much as possible before looking into Dr. Collins. Dr. Collins is literal past questions and banks that came straight out of the PCAT material. If you can halfway grasp those listed concepts then it'll be sufficient enough going into the exam.