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Mar 29, 2008
i'm taking the online course from kaplan. i plan to take mcat in september. i'm just studying about translational motion in physics but the subject is horrible for me. i hate physics and this idea makes me nuts because i know that without physics i cannot master MCAT.
is linear and projection motion hard or tricky or it's just I don't get it? are there a lot of questions on this topic?


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May 15, 2008
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I would certainly count on linear and projectile motion showing up. If I remember correctly, April 19 test had a passage devoted to projectile motion, velocity, acceleration etc.


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Mar 17, 2006
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Trust me... I feel your pain

I took physics 1 and 2 from foreign teachers who barely spoke english, I pretty much taught myself the course but I still did not have strong grasp of physics at all, it still is my weakest subject.

Last summer I took Kaplan and the physics just moved way to fast for me and I felt like I knew nothing, so I got examkrackers. Regardless of my efforts, I still did not understand it at all and I bombed that section of the MCAT.

This spring I took the TPR course and I feel actually really confident about physics. It just takes lots and lots and lots of practice. I feel your pain, before now everytime I would look at a physics question or passage I would feel like throwing up in my mouth lol. You really have to stick to it and you will realize that it becomes alot easier. I love how PR teaches physics.

Physics is all about applications, the concepts are pretty much the same for the given situation, you just have to apply concepts to the practice problems.
You can do it, just don't give up!!! One thing that really helps me is to create a flash card for every physics problem you get wrong on a practice test or on a homework problem and keep them all together. Write the concepts that relate to the problem on the back and just work through the problems on the card when you have free time, it seems to really be helping me.

Just to give you an idea...1 month ago I took a practice test and made a 4 in PR. I took a test over the weekend and doubled my PS score to an 8 and took another test today and made a 10 in PS, it can be done!!!