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May 5, 2011
Hey, all! I'm in need of some guidance regarding my plan for studying for the MCAT. So far, I've had Bio 1 and 2. I'm taking Chem 1 and 2 this summer and will be taking Organic and Physics next Fall/Spring. I would like to take the MCAT next summer and still be able to have my AAMCAS application complete "early."

My dilemma is related to a few things. First, I took both Biology courses as a Freshman, so I feel as though some remediation is required. Would it be beneficial to purchase a review book for biology, such as exam crackers, prior to taking a Kaplan review course?

I plan on taking the 2 or 3 month Kaplan review course beginning in March or April. Is this doable, or will I be lost without having finished OChem and Physics 2?

Thanks in advance!