MCAT- Help Needed for Planning a ROUGHLY 3 Month Study Plan and Rescheduling Advice

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Feb 8, 2024
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Hi everyone,
I need help formulating a study plan. I tried following study plans I’ve found online but it’s been difficult given my outside commitments. The only issue is that I work as a part time medical scribe two times a week. However, there are times where my manager tries to schedule me for the full week. Now, I have informed them that I will not be able to continue to do that as I have MCAT prep. The current outside commitments I have are: my scribing job, occasional volunteer work, and shadowing. So, this amounts to about 24 hours of outside commitments per week.
As for my diagnostic test, the score was a 495 and the exact breakdown of the score is: 121 for C/P, 127 for CARS, 122 for B/B, and 125 for P/S. The current date I have set for my MCAT is May 24th. Now, my current issue is that recently one of the program directors of the SMP I liked told me that: “by the time the scores of the May 24th exam are released (aka by June 25th) you run the risk of the program being filled up as we only accept 25 students.” Thus, I wanted to move my MCAT to May 11th or May 16th. The program’s deadline is June 15th but as the program director stated “we sometimes do extend the applications till the end of June”. I did email them again asking which of these dates would be better. I prefer the May 16th date the best as my sister’s expected due date is around May 9th and I don’t want to run the risk of missing my nephew’s birth.
So, my question is would (roughly) 3 months be enough time for me to raise my score up to a 508? Also, how impossible would it be for me to even get a 510? In addition, for those who have studied for roughly 3 months with a similar diagnostic, what is your advice? Or what are the most effective ways I should study? I’ve been doing blueprint qbanks, uvvorld, anki (jack sparrow), and using the Kaplan books. I’m also using the 300 pg P/S khan academy document and using khan academy videos when needed. I’m open to any advice you may have! I feel like my issue on my diagnostic was mainly content review. There were a lot of things in C/P and B/B that I’ve forgotten from my undergrad years. It was stuff I vaguely recognized but couldn’t recall as well.

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I would hit up MCAT bros! Raj is great at scheduling MCAT study schedules…there is a fee but he’s well worth it! I would not rush your MCAT journey. If your diagnostic was 495 I def don’t think you’ll be ready by then especially with 24 hours a week not including if something comes up and subtracts time from that. The MCAT is def not a quiz it’s a whole mental thought process for each individual question being asked. I would schedule your test in August or September.