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Jun 24, 2013
so I did not do well on my last MCAT.
And I decided to take a MCAT prep course.

after speaking with my mentor from college, he suggested Kaplan especially I sucked at CARS.
I am debating between Kaplan, Berkeley review, and nextstep courses.
Which one did you pick and why?

Thank you!


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Jul 6, 2016
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I would recommend studying on your own. Using a variety of resources will be the biggest help to you! I scored a 522 and mainly used the following resources:

1) AAMC Practice Materials. $200 for their MCAT package. Practice questions produced by the same people who wrote the test!

(2) Khan Academy. Free and very useful for reviewing all the material very quickly. I watched every video at 2x the speed within a month of my exam.

(3) Kaplan 7-book series. Great for getting the overall content down.

Don't rely on just one method for your prep. It is important to use a variety of resources. If you need structure, then I would suggest hiring a private tutor rather than using a prep company. You can find freelance tutors for a quarter of what test prep companies charge for private tutoring. I am sure there are many other tutors out there as well! Best of luck!
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