MCAT Prep While Working Full-Time

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Mar 25, 2014
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Has anyone taken a formal test prep course (Kaplan, Princeton etc) that they would recommend for someone working full-time?

I'm retaking my MCAT not because of a bad score, but sadly, because mine expired. I took my first one at the end of 2017. I'm signed up to retake it May 14th 2022, giving just about 3 months' prep time.

First time around, I got a 513 (a score that works fine for my overall profile). I entirely self-studied with a set of Kaplan textbooks, practice question banks, maybe 5-7 full length practice tests, flashcards etc, but this was while working a flexible part time job. Now I'm working a traditional 8-5 job and need a different study strategy.

Even though I feel like it's paying my way to keeping a decent score (could go on a rant of the ironies and inequities of the pre-med success pipeline but that's for another thread), I'm looking at formal test prep courses to streamline my studies and focus on the most important topics.

After experiencing the MCAT once, I felt like I spent my study time WAY too broadly and taught myself more quantity over quality (for example spending a whole afternoon on mastering that silly lensmaker's equation). I'm hoping a professional course would guide me on where to focus my far more limited time to maximize point-heavy topics. I am totally comfortable with online only/pre-recorded classes as long as I have a study schedule/structure. Any recommendations are appreciated! Thanks!

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I took the nextstep (now blueprint) self-paced course while working full time. Their customizable schedule that literally told you what to read per day was invaluable. They also had some quick lessons or some long lessons that I typically saved for weekends. If you don't want to pay for the course you can still buy the books and get the study schedule for free. Those were more valuable to me than the video lessons.