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Aug 24, 2004
Hi all. Old-timer noob here. I have a few questions re: MCAT prep. I am taking Orgo 1 & 2 this year followed by Physics 1 & 2 next year. I want to start studying for the MCAT now. Would you recommend the classes or buying a few study guides from the store? I want to go into podiatry but I want the best score possible. Thanks.


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Jul 20, 2006
well here is what I would do. It is way too early for you to start taking an mcat class. Eventually, I would take kaplan in the months leading up to the test but not yet. All of the practice questions will be a wasted if you havnt seen the material. I would buy exam cracker review books ( i think like 175$) and start looking at those whule you are learning in class. This will help you focus on what you need for the mcat. Then take kaplan in the months leading up to the test date. I am a non trad student as well and I am taking Kalpan right now. I took a class at my university for the MCAT over the winter while taking orgo and physics which made taking pratice tests hard because i hadnt seen half the material. So go ahead and by the exam crackers for now. It is good you are getting on this early. The earlier the better. When i was testing right before the april mcat i was in the 27 range and decided to finish the classes and not take the test. Now i am testing in the 32-33 range so i think it was the right choice. Hope that helps


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Jan 7, 2003
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i'm also a non-trad after working in engineering for 11 years. i liked the examcrackers books, which you can get used for cheap right after the next mcat cycle. you can go through these to see what level of info you need to know, but also supplement the class work b/c more detail might help in some areas.

before taking an mcat class, take the free sample mcat at (it's an old version, but decent). i've never taken an mcat class but i've heard that if you're already in the 30's (or near to it) on the practice exams, you don't need the class.... again, opinions vary
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