MCAT registration reopens May 7 - does this affect me?

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Feb 25, 2018
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So I managed to get an MCAT reschedule date for July before they closed down the system in April. When they reopen they system on May 7, do I need to reschedule my time now that there are new time slots? Or will this be done automatically for my July date?

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According to the AAMC, those who already have an MCAT date scheduled with an 8am time will be automatically and randomly assigned one of the new times (6:30am, 12:15p, 6p). Originally they were supposed to send an email prior to May 7, but it looks like they’ve updated their FAQ to say you might not be able to see the time until registration opens on May 7 (disappointing considering the likely rush to register, but to be expected considering it’s AAMC, I suppose).

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