MCAT reschedule?

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Jan 13, 2014
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Hello all,
I am a pre-med student who will be taking the MCAT exam. I am currently scheduled for the April 5th exam date. However, I've come across a predicament. I will also be studying abroad March 1st to march 9th where I won't be able to study or prepare much for the MCAT. My fear is that this week off will hinder my preparation for the April 5th exam. My question to you is should I consider rescheduling the exam to the April 11th or 24th date? Or should I just take it April 5th and not reschedule it at all?

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Jun 29, 2011
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Studying abroad for a week? Interesting...

It's far enough away that you should be able to do without (even closer is no big deal as long as you prep right.. I was away the two weekends before my test). That being said, extra study time is never a bad thing so if there's nothing wrong with taking it later (like classes, other commitments, etc.) push it off but continue studying as if you were taking it on the 5th.