MCAT retake, end of july test date, apply before score or wait?


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May 6, 2020
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my first mcat score was rough lol. i am retaking it july 20-something and would have scores back first week of august or so...should i wait until my score is back to add schools to my app, which i will have verified at one school before then. i don't want to be at a disadvantage with a later application as i know many med schools have said they will review apps of people with late test dates without the score. however, i also do not want to be disqualified based on my first score. would a school wait on the pending score? would a v bad first score be enough to not warrant reconsideration later? should i just wait to add schools in august? would this put me at a disadvantage (lol def yes bc rolling but honestly what can i do at this point)


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May 10, 2020
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What was the issue with your first test? What are your practice test scores? If you are taking weekly full-length practice tests in test conditions and they are coming in slightly above where you'd like them to, I'd go ahead and get the application in for verification. I waited last year for mine to come in and wish I hadn't!
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