MCAT Review Materials Opinions

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Jun 17, 2015
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I was hoping to hear some opinions on study/review tools for the new MCAT 2015. I will be taking the MCAT this summer, and I am still finishing up my pre-reqs this year so I will be trying to study all along.

At this time, I do not plan on taking an MCAT review course, so I need to find a very detailed, thorough book. I have read reviews online about all of these books and have gotten mixed reviews.

I was hoping someone who has either bought or studied for the new MCAT could give me an idea of how good the books were.

So if anyone could please give me a recommendation out of these books:

1) Kaplan MCAT Complete 7-book series
2) Princeton review MCAT
3) Barron's new MCAT
4) Examkracker's MCAT review package

If anyone has used other useful materials that I have not listed, those recommendations would be great too.