MCAT Score Aim?

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Sep 10, 2023
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What score should I be aiming for as a non trad with a chemical engineering degree from a T20 underground, ORM, 3.79 sGPA/cGPA with engineering experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing industry at the time of application?

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Engineering experience sets you up to score well on the MCAT. Shoot for as high as you can. I got a 516 coming from mech engineering.
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In all seriousness, aim as high as you possibly can
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I take a different tack. My philosophy is to never aim for a specific score; instead, strive to continuously improve until you reach your maximum score in the amount of time you have to study. Make it so that you go into test day knowing you left nothing on the table. Then whatever score you get, you know it was the best you can do. This is also why I never picked out any "dream schools" until after I got my score back.

This avoids needless comparisons and avoids the existential crises when your practice scores don't match up to what you wanted/expected them to be.
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