MCAT Scoring Table Variance

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Hi there, got a quick question about MCAT scoring. Although I know that each test has its own specific scoring ranges based on the difficulty of the test. I'm curious about the variance among each test.

Would you have to get 80% right say on PS if its an "easy" exam to get a 10-11? Or does it generally stay within +/- 5%. There are some huge variances among the princeton online exams vs. AAMC and Kaplan paper-based practice exams. Its confusing since I got an 10-11 on past tests while getting around 70-80% right on PS, but then I got 70% on this one exam and its an 8? Haha..big drop.

Anyway, I still have several months till the real thing so I'm not stressing, but i was curious about this huge variation in scoring among all the testing resources that we have out there.