Dec 22, 2013
Hi all,

I'm gonna be taking the Jan 23rd exam and I did the TPR course over the summer and have been studying on my own the whole fall sem. my course load was fairly light. In any case, so now I've been doing the practice exams, I started doing all the other exams except the AAMC. I have done:

  • MCAT Cracking Practice Test 1
  • MCAT Cracking Practice Test 2
  • MCAT Cracking Practice Test 3
  • MCAT Review Online Practice Test 1
  • MCAT Review Online Practice Test 2
  • MCAT TPR exam 3
I read before starting those that they were pretty much impossible to do full-length with the time they give you, thinking that it might be better to do the exam taking my time learning all the tricks I have been getting 9/10 on both PS and Bio sections, which I know aren't reflective of anything. Again these are untimed and after I have reviewed all the answers and explanations I will be taking those exams probably another 2 times over the next week, this time timed which doesn't mean anything but I just want to be able to point out all the tricks and so on in the passages for each problem that I do.

I think after that Jan1st-on till the 20th I'll be taking the AAMCs as many times as I can. I'm scared, I think I did not do those timed because I'm kind of scared of taking the exam timed and doing poorly, the TPR science workbook, I' generally don't miss any questions from those passages but I'm sure those are probably too easy.

Am I going down the wrong path? I want to start the AAMCs when I feel like there isn't another trick left for me to learn from those exams I've taken. Is that the right way to approach it?


wussup doge
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May 6, 2010
I would start with 2-3 early AAMCs, then save the others for the last 1-2 weeks.