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Jun 18, 2020
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Hi All!

I'm here to introduce you to our startup. We are called MedMatchMe, and essentially, we are a service that utilizes self-reported data and individually matches you in a small study group with other students that have complementary skill sets and learning skills that will allow you to best prepare for the MCAT.

We know that being able to build a support group in the time of COVID-19 may be difficult, which is why we plan on building groups that can meet and study on Zoom or other virtual meeting platforms. Building study groups is often regarded as the number one factor that sets MCAT success stories apart from MCAT horror stories, and best of all it is the cheapest study method around!

WHAT WE WANT FROM YOU: We know that you're probably thinking that this is just another trying attempt to gauge money away from vulnerable pre-med students, but that couldn't be further from the truth. This service is being built by students for students, in order for us to collaborate and get through this together. All we ask now in the early stages of this startup is that you give us 10 minutes of your time to fill out the following survey: MedMatchMe Skills/Personality Survey . This survey will simply add you to a growing pool of students that will be necessary for our program to succeed. Filling the survey out doesn't tie you down to our services moving forward, it will just allow us to build a (100% confidential) database.

WHAT IT WILL COST: Again, filling out the survey will cost you absolutely nothing. Ideally, once we have a strong database of students, we will send out an email giving you an in-depth look at our match-making process, and allow you to opt-in or opt-out of our services. All of these costs are tentative, but will not change significantly. The first cost you will come across is the matching fee. This covers the work that goes into comparing everyone in the database and going through one-by-one to build the best groups. As of now, this cost will be $5. This is not meant to add on to the hundreds or thousands of dollars that we pre-med students spend on test-prep, applications, tutoring, etc. We only intend to cover the cost of labor and nothing else. This is the only necessary fee that you will face once you opt-in. Additional optional services are meeting plans/curriculum tailored to the speed and frequency of your group's meetings. The fee for these will range from $2-$10/month depending on the number of meeting plans you want in a given month. On top of this, groups will typically be composed of 4 people, and only one person needs to purchase the meeting plans, so the cost per person is more like $0.50-$2.50/month. You are not tied into any subscription that you don't want to be in, and there are no hidden fees. We are here to help you, and hurt your wallets as little as possible. All in all, you can get 6 months of our services for as little as $8, and we think you'd be hard-pressed to find a more cost-friendly MCAT study program.

WHERE WE'RE AT NOW: This is the very beginning. We are putting all of our energy into growing our database before we can move forward. This is where you can come in. If you see this and want to help us out beyond filling out the survey, we would really love it if you could share this to any sort of social media page possible. In fact, if you email us with a screenshot of proof that you shared the product, we'll waive your matching fee, allowing you to be matched with a study group for free. Another great venue to share this would be to an academic or pre-med advisor at your college or university. We'll waive the fee for a screenshot of an email to an advisor, and if you can prove that the advisor sent out a mass email to students, we'll waive all costs for you for 6 months (Potentially $65 worth of services for you and your group). We appreciate your support and patience as we work to build our brand and provide you all with the best possible service. We will be as transparent as possible to all survey-takers during this growth period and will keep you in the loop.

WE WANT YOU: Assuming that we grow and build notoriety, we will need partners who can help out wherever needed in advertising, data analysis, and curriculum development. If you are motivated and interested in joining our startup, contact us at [email protected] with a few paragraphs about you and your story, and why you'd be a great fit.
We appreciate your help in filling out this survey and sharing us with all of the outlets at your disposal.