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Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by biophysicsbadass, Jan 26, 2001.

  1. biophysicsbadass

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    Jan 25, 2001
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    I took the MCAT more than three years ago just to keep my options open but never released my scores to AMCAS because I didn't think I wanted to get an MD. Now that I am in grad school (PhD) I am seriously considering applying to med school within the next year or so, and I found out that I have to take the MCAT again. It's no big deal I guess, but what I want to know is how my score report will look like once I do apply. Will the medical schools ever see my first scores, will they ever know I took the MCAT already? From what I understand AMCAS only sends out SCORES over the last three years, should I send my first scores to the schools myself or should I just keep my mouth shut assuming I do well the second time? I am asking because i don't want to be looked upon unfavorably for not reporting my first scores, but why should I if no one knows about my first test and i have to retake it because of the time lapse anyways?

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