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Dec 17, 2007
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hey all -- i was curious if anyone had any current info on the MCG gas program in Augusta, GA. everything i've read on scutwork is old and i've done searches on it here and haven't found anything.

anyone have any idea what the graduates are doing? is the teaching up to par? what are the resident's schedule like? what's it like to live in augusta? the pain fellowship there any good?



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Aug 19, 2006
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I just interviewed there so take what i have to say with a grain of salt. augusta is as close to the old south as you are still going find nowadays, you judge good or bad. cost of living is nice, weather is nice. i think the residents schedules are about average....from what i remember call seemed pretty middle of the road except for ob which was more often and sounded kind of bad. the pain fellowship there is not good comparatively. i remember the guy i interviewed with was going elsewhere for pain (UF i think) as his opinion was that mcgs was not a great program. all in all the feeling i came away from there with was resident came to dinner and he was like "its alright here." the rest of the residents i met didn't seem to have too much to complain about but no one really had anything nice to say was a somewhat weird place to interview. my faculty interviews were weird. one guy talked on and on about another place where i did an away (never talked about mcg or me at all...weird). another woman was downright strange to interview with. the new guys they brought in from some ivy league place i can't remember now seemed with it but they were the minority. i think they are trying to change things. they were putting a strong emphasis on people who WANTED to come there when i interviewed rather than just numbers and i think that is really a step in the right direction because none of the residents really seemed to want to be there when i interviewed. hope that helps.