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Oct 31, 2010
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I have an interview at MCG next week and I was just wondering if anyone who has been through the MCG interview process could give me a heads up of how everything goes down and any common interview questions that they received? Any help would be great.

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The thing I was totally taken aback with is how fun the interview process is! They have a pretty special community up there in Augusta. So, they'll make you feel at ease right off the bat. Just try to be yourself and join in the fun.

I think the best advice anyone could give you is to relax! All they are looking to see is both how you handle yourself. Before I interviewed, I looked through a few websites for interview questions; I made sure I had some idea of what I might say to questions I never thought about. I don't feel like I needed to go that far; the questions I was asked were neither difficult to answer or nor used as a trick.

The main question you'll get is "Why dentistry." They'll tell you that in the get-together the night before your interview. If I were you, I'd say it out loud a few times; you'll be surprised how many um's and oh's you say the first time that comes out. However, if you are genuinely interested in being a part of the dental community, that desire will show.

Good luck to you!