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Nov 20, 2002
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I called MCG earlier today and the lady said something really vage: "You will receive a letter in the mail between today and April 1st." Does this sound bad to you as it does to me? Is their class filled? Are their interviews done with?

WTF?! I applied really late in the season but you'd think they'd have sent me SOMETHING by now.



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Feb 24, 2003
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They've sent out all their interview invites. Also, they send out interviews by email. Usually people get rejected pre-interview by MCG in late March/early april by letter.

I don't think they have quite filled the class yet. Still meeting one or two more times to discuss those interviewed previously and fill class before sending out alternate list letters


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May 30, 2001
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Hey gang. I'm an MS1 @ MCG. The last interviewees for this year came through on Tuesday. I have heard that there is 1 unfilled spot left. But, there is always a backlog of interviewees to be brought up to the admin committee post-interview. Good luck, and if you don't get in this yeat somewhere, keep tryin. Medschool is tough, BUT ITS AWESOME!

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