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Aug 22, 2008
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Anybody heard anything from MCG?

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I thought that we could only find out through the mail!!! What phone calls are you talking about?

People are finding out they are accepted through phone calls?!?
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oh cool, when did you get the call??
I called this morning and Natasha said they were sending out the first letters today but that she couldn't tell me anything over the phone...i had to wait for a packet
But teethandgums got a phone call?? I am waiting on my packet too, but I would have been psyched about speaking to Dr. Hanes!
they are calling to make offers...with certified letter to follow :)

I was told in the interview that we could not be told over the phone....

so no phone call = no acceptance?
congrats bigstix808! :)

so no phone call = no acceptance?

now this could be a case-by-case scenario, in case said applicant could potentially reject their acceptance...

don't know though...good luck!!:D:cool:
when did you guys receive your interview?
Relax. Not everyone who got accepted was called and not all acceptances were mailed today. I know it's really hard waiting when you want to hear from your 1st choice school so bad, but stay positive. It's coming :)
where did you obtain this information? I am getting super nervous! If we didn't get a call, do we assume that we are rejected or waitlisted?