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Jun 20, 2001
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Has anyone applied to or been accepted to an MD/MPH program? I am considering applying to some and I was wondering which schools had good programs. Thanks!

po' boy

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Jan 13, 2001
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I didn't apply for dual-degree entrance, but will most likely take a year off in med school to complete an MPH. This is how it works at universities with both MD and MPH programs: you complete the first three years of med school, do the MPH in your fourth, then complete your MD in a fifth. Schools with great MPH programs that come to mind are Harvard, Johns Hopkins, U. of Michigan, Columbia (Go P&S! :D ), Emory, Duke, and Tufts. Both Duke and Tufts claim you can do both in four years; Duke allows you to do it during their research year (3rd year) in lieu of a research project. But remember, you can take a year off anywhere to go complete your MPH somewhere else. I have a friend who'll be at Stanford med in the fall, who's planning to take a year to do her MPH at Harvard.

Good luck! ;)


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Mar 18, 2001
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When you apply to MD-MPH programs, should you call each school and ask them if there is additional application work for you to do, or do schools automatically send you whatever information you need as a result of you choosing the combined program designation on the application? If anyone knows, that would be great...I asked as my school and they weren't sure.
Thanks. :)
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