MD/PhD essay with industry research

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Apr 21, 2008
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Hi all,

I am applying for MD/PhD programs this year. I'm trying to write the research experience essay for the AMCAS and am struggling- I have several years of bench experience with interesting and novel projects, however I work for a pharmaceutical and can't share details about targets/ projects I have been working on due to patent concerns. I think I will write on the disease area itself and possible some previous lab experience with just brief allusions to my current work, possibly mentioning this problem (I am a scientific inventor on a patent, so at least I can point to that).

What does everyone think? Has anyone else been in this situation? How will it come across to schools if I can't directly discuss my current projects in mechanistic detail? Any suggestions would be great....


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They will despise you and probably banish you to the 4th circle of Dante's Inferno for the remainder of your academic career!

But really... PLENTY of patents come out of academic work. No doubt they will understand your situation and be respectful and sensitive towards your situation.

There is no reason you can't discuss in great detail the types of techniques and approaches in which you are competent without divulging any propriatory info that might compromise your application. That's what they are ultimately looking for anyway... a working knowledge of science and the ability to think like a scientist.