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Apr 24, 2009
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I need help making non-lab research work for my MSTP essay...not sure if it will fly but.....

I didn't do any undergrad research. I have an MS and did some grad research, nothing published but it was independent and self-directed. I worked full time while doing my MS for a major hospital network (23 clinics) as the deputy director of the medical informatics department. I led several research projects to improve patient outcomes and clinical efficiency. 1) Developed an algorithm that uses multiple markov models to spot trends in patient complaints (we get several thousand each month, can't look at them all so I used the an a priori distribution based on linguistic analysis to tell us which ones are important) which led to a dramatic upward trend in patient satisfaction 2) I designed a way to combine data from multiple integrated systems to analyze trends in provided healthcare (performance, outcomes, complaints, repeat visits, vitals, etc) which has begun to show improved patient population wellness (i.e. fewer acute visits, more wellness) 3) Researched phone data, appointing system data to better understand the patient population....from this I developed improved procedures for phone consults/e-mail consults for prescription refills and routine specialty care refills that decreased weekly appointments by 13% opening up those appointments for other patients while still remaining profitable.

I know these sound pretty lame, but working full time in an unrelated field (my MS is in Computational Biology) I have to find ways to apply what I can do.....this was my way of doing it, but I'm not sure if I can appropriately morph this into something a MSTP committee would care about. I might apply the PhD route as well since the research is what I care about...I want to go into Bioengineering and focus on translational genomics. Any help would be appreciated, constructive or otherwise.