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You’ve put in so much work already – excelling in your premed courses, studying for the MCAT, doing research, volunteering, getting some clinical experience, and giving of yourself in other ways to prepare for your career in medicine. Now all that remains is the application itself.

We know the tight competition is daunting. Med schools have a limited number of interview invitations (and seats) available, and you want to make sure that one of them is yours, so the earlier in the cycle you apply, the greater the chance will be that they’ll have a spot left for you to fill. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should ever sacrifice quality for time! Make sure your application is strong, effective, and error-free.

To help you get both the timing and the quality right, we’re offering a big discount on all our non-rush med services! Between April 24 and May 1, save 10% on all non-rush med school admissions services when you use the code STARTNOW at checkout.

You’ve made it this far. Keep that momentum up as you make your way to the finish line! Start now with coupon code STARTNOW.

This article was originally posted on blog.accepted.com.
Applying to medical school? The talented folks at Accepted have helped hundreds of applicants like you get accepted to their dream programs. Whether you are figuring out where apply, working on your AMCAS application, working on secondary essays, or prepping for your interviews, we are just a call (or click) away. Contact us, and get matched up with the consultant who will help you get accepted!
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