1. LindaAccepted

    Medical Med School Applicants: It’s Time to Get Started!

    You’ve put in so much work already – excelling in your premed courses, studying for the MCAT, doing research, volunteering, getting some clinical experience, and giving of yourself in other ways to prepare for your career in medicine. Now all that remains is the application itself. We know the...
  2. P

    Pharmacist in Pharmaceutical Sales

    I am interested in a career in pharmaceutical sales. While I know that you do not have to be a pharmacist for this career path, I am wondering if maybe there is a niche for pharmacists to go into pharmaceutical sales? I obviously don't want to start out with only $50k/year when I can make much...
  3. pinkfreud1394

    Please help- which job should I take?

    Hey all any advice on which job I should take would be immensely helpful. A little bit about me: just graduated from a public state uni, doing a 1 yr post bac program in DC. AMCAS cGPA: 3.48 AMCAS sPA: 3.41 MCAT: planning on January date EC's: 8 months working as ED scribe in small rural...
  4. T

    Work from home or during study breaks, as much or as little as you want.

    Hey, everybody! I wanted to share this opportunity with everybody on SDN. I work part time as a child psychiatrist, and work from home the rest of the week as a consultant for Rodan and Fields (who also developed Proactiv!). I was previously working 60+ hours/week with call (as most attendings...
  5. V

    PCAT study material for sale

    For sale DR. Collins updated to 2015 Kaplan PCAT 2014-2015 The Princeton Review Cracking the PCAT If interested: PM Email me [email protected]
  6. N

    Medical sales instead of PT?

    Ok so I'm a student currently at FAU in my junior year, and we have a class called intro to excercise health promotion. The teacher often brings in guest speakers to discuss different career paths one can take the the excercise science and health promotion degree (which I am going for). We...